Exciting Poker Facts You Should Know About


modularlogcabinhomesnc.com Exciting Poker Facts You Should Know About. Many people consider poker because it is a game full of wit, strategy, and betting. Poker is actually the most frequently played game in online casinos like agen poker online indonesia. Whether you are a novice or professional poker player, it pays to know some facts about it. Facts are always eye-catching and it will make you think.

Here are some poker facts that you should know about:

It originated in the United States
Poker originated in the United States. This is a dead giveaway knowing about the most famous variety – Texas Hold’em Poker. However, it did not originate in Texas. Poker was first seen in New Orleans. If you are also a fan of jazz and cocktails, you know that New Orleans is also its birthplace.


Early versions were played using 20 cards
You enjoy poker because of its full deck consisting of 52 cards. In its early development, poker is actually played using only 20 cards and 4 players. The game was a little intricate back then. According to historians, it was in 1834 that the game started to use the 52-deck card.

The beginning of the poker chip
In the early days, poker was played for gold coins, gold nuggets and even gold dust. Patrons during these times realized that gold coins, gold nuggets, and gold dust are hard to standardize. With this, saloons and gaming houses came up with an idea of poker chips. After standardizing poker chips, the saloons and gaming houses made wood, ivory and clay chips. The poker chips were engraved with designs to depict its value. The chips were exchanged for real money at the saloons and gaming house – just how it works today.

The first broadcast of poker tournament
Back in the days, it is uncommon for poker tournaments to be broadcasted. It was until 1973 that the first poker tournament was televised. The tournament was the Poker World Series.

It is the most lucrative sport
You already know how boxers, footballers and NBA players make but if you take a look at the top 5 biggest prizes awarded in tournaments, poker totals up to $44 million. This makes it the world’s most lucrative game.

Other facts you need to know
There are millions of poker hand combinations that exist. The truth is, even the best player will not have more than five percent advantage against another player. To be a good player, you need to know bluffing and how to read it.

You will come to realize that poker has come a long way from New Orleans having only 20 cards. It is available online and you can join tournaments anytime you like.